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Be Wed By Kez – an awesome celebrant who is heaps of fun in 2017… Check out your ceremony date in the calendar on

Unless your wedding is on a Saturday at 3pm. If that’s the case you’re kinda screwed cos I’m 99.9% booked BUT

If you’re happy to be flexible with your timing – we can talk.

Call me, call me now.

(Actually I’m on air at the moment… probably best to email)

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This year is fast becoming the “nothing wedding-y, don’t really talk about marriage, just talk about us, we know we’re already married apart from the paperwork, we know what marriage is, FFS we are adults” year and I for one am loving it.

People should take control of their ceremony, know the legal obligations and then get what they ordered. It’s why I became a celebrant in the first place!

Nothing tickles my Wed By Kez fancy more than couples who tell me exactly what they want and how they want it!

Go you!

Wed By Kez Young fun modern celebrant 2016-12-31T12:42:18+0000

Happy Sassy New Year! Nell Dark-Jones – Celebrant Kim Oakhill – Modern Civil Celebrant Kim McCartin Civil Celebrant Vows Now – Marriage Celebrant Monty King Celebrations Married By Timothy Hunter Valley Ceremonies Wed By Kez

Wed By Kez Young fun modern celebrant 2017-01-05T00:43:34+0000

Hey super friends!

Colleague, friend and legend Kerryn from Wed By Kez has launched this awesome initiative, Hunter Hearts to raise much needed funds for the JHCH.

Take some time to see what it’s all about, then dig deep!

I’m super stoked to say I’ve already got my lock, ready to roll!

Wed By Kez Young fun modern celebrant 2017-01-01T01:09:35+0000

So I’ve performed 481 legally recognised marriage ceremonies (and a few more that are totally legit in the hearts and minds of those involved including me but not in the eyes of the law – boo!)

This year Wed By Kez will hit the HUGE 500 weddings!

Open to suggestions below as to how to make my 500th wedding super rockstar special.

Im thinking helicopter entrance by the celebrant, full decked out girl band style with smoke machine and multiple dove release while I perform the ceremony.

Wed By Kez

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