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Awesome ceremonies filled with personality in Newcastle, Hunter Valley & Australia wide

Custom Made Ceremonies

Written from scratch, totally funky and all about you. Every Wed By Kez ceremony is unique – because you are!

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Lots of heart and soul put into every moment so that your wedding experience is fun.

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Hugs, laughs and all my expertise! Unlimited phone & email support for your big day.


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My Services

I believe in heart felt, touching ceremonies filled with laughter and love, happy tears, sad tears, emotion and most of all personality.


Awesomely personal, written from scratch wedding ceremonies that are bursting with personality.

Commitment Ceremonies

A [non legal] ceremony that is full of heart, laughs and love, love, love.


For when you want to keep it SHHH! You, me, two witnesses and loads of love 


For when you just want to get married already. Quick, to the point, and get it done ceremonies. Special discounts and conditions apply.

Baby Naming

Allow me to goo and gaah all over that cute new addition to your family.


When you need an extra special ceremony to celebrate that much loved person in your life with laughter and tears.

Anything Else

Cos if you can think of it… I’m up for it.



What I Offer

Everything you need to know about what I do, what I have and why I'm it for your ceremony.


An obligation free face-to-face meeting [if you want one] so you can make sure I’m the right person for the job [and don’t have three heads].


Phone number and email address so you can text and email as much as you like about your big day.. yes even at 4am in the morning!.

Personlised Ceremonies

One totally awesome ceremony written specifically for you with all the stuff you want and none of the bits you don’t. [Apart from the legal mumbo jumbo we have to have!].


A rehearsal to go through how the ceremony will play out at a time that suits us both. Its not compulsory but its a good idea.

PA System & Stuff To Sit On

Use of my PA system on the day for all your ceremony jams and my signing table and chairs [if you want them]

Me! Mic in Hand at Your Ceremony

The actual wedding ceremony… can’t forget that!.

Legal Stuff

Lodging all the necessary legals bits and pieces so your marriage is legit..

The Afterwards Bit

Assistance in applying for your Marriage Certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages. Not sure what this is? Have a read of This blog explains more.








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Hi, I’m Kez.

My real name is Kerryn but the only person who calls me that is my mother or my husband when I’ve done something silly like leave a cupboard door open.

I’m a trained Opera singer, a former DJ at NXFM and B105 a marketing manager and a massive nerd.
In 2009 I became a marriage celebrant because I wanted to offer couples the chance to really be in charge of their marriage ceremony. Since then I have performed over 600 ceremonies, so I like to take that as a sign that I’m doing a freaking good job.

I have the most loving husband in the world. We are the kind of couple that people stick their fingers down their throats and make barf noises at and we have two loud, crazy, amazing boys.




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Over 500 extremely happy, married couples!
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Kez made us feel like we were family

17 Mar 2017

Kez was amazing, I would absolutely recommend her, she brought a fun loving vibe to our day, she was professional, genuine, bubbly, and such a down to earth person. Thank you so much kez.

‘Kez created the most amazing and special ceremony for me and my new husband. She made our ceremony so personal and very much us, not too lovey dovey, a little bit weird and what we think, funny.
From the time I contacted Kez, right through to the end of the ceremony, Kez made us feel like we were family. She was so enthusiastic and happy all the time, she provided us with all the information and support we needed, especially as newly weds, we had no idea what we had to do.
received many compliments about Kez after our ceremony, she was fun, kept our guests engaged and shared our life with those we love the most, our family and friends, she was no where near boring or bland.
Kez kept our ceremony fun but she was stern with our guests when needed, especially with my request to have a technology free ceremony. Making sure the day was about me and my husband and not the guests, as she put it ‘I don’t care if I make the guests unhappy or if they don’t like me, I am here for the you, the bride and groom to make it as special as you deserve’.
Down to, mostly my tears, Kez took control and she made me recover well after hearing my husband’s vows and helped my to regain my focus without making me feel silly.
A massive shout out and THANK YOU to Kez, you are amazing and our day wouldn’t of been as perfect without you. Much Love.’

I forgot to mention in the earlier email that I will be email and share with you the professional photos from Ben Howland if he doesn’t already.

I still can not thank you enough. You are what people call amazingly perfect!

Amanda & Nick

Fun Loving Vibe

3 Oct 2015

Kez was amazing, I would absolutely recommend her, she brought a fun loving vibe to our day, she was professional, genuine, bubbly, and such a down to earth person. Thank you so much kez.

Lauren & Tom

Creative & Original Wedding Service

24 April 2014

Within minutes of meeting you, Craig and I knew we wanted you to marry us and as we imagined it would, it turned out perfect! Your friendly nature, professionalism, quirky sense of humour and your creative & original wedding service made our day even more memorable. It was exactly what we wanted, it reflected us and was fun and personal. So many of our guests commented at our reception on how beautiful and personal the ceremony was and you are now on the top of their list for marriage celebrants for when the time comes for them! 🙂

We cannot thank you enough, we will always remember our amazing marriage celebrant

Craig & Mereka

Seriously the Coolest Celebrant,

21 Sep 2013

Kez was recommended to us by our photographer, who knew us well. She said ‘you will LOVE Kez, she is perfect for you girls!’. After having a string of uncomfortable introductions with other celebrants who seemed surprised when we told them that we were two girls wanting to marry each other, we were hopeful that we might have struck gold. And booyah, we did. We met Kez (and her adorable daughter) and she was instantly warm and funny and helpful too and she did not even flinch when we said we were marrying each other. She asked us things we hadn’t even thought of and she got excited with us as the day drew nearer. Kez was always available for questions, which helped to keep us calm. In fact, she made our day super relaxed, it was awesome. Kez looked amazing on the day too, we love her style, it’s so fresh and fun! When the day finally comes that NSW will let my beautiful girl legally become wife and wife, we will be booking in Kez right away to come and do the honours for us. We can’t imagine anyone else and we don’t want to. Kez, thank you for everything you brought to our special day, we loved having you there and meeting your gorgeous family along the way. You are seriously the coolest celebrant, Mum and woman and we are happy to have met you.

Merindah & Kelly

Fantastic Celebrant

13 April 2013

Kez designed a wedding ceremony that fitted us both perfectly! We had endless number of guests ask where we found such a fantastic celebrant. We highly recommend Wedbykez.

Jessica & Mark

Words & Stuff

How to kiss on your wedding day

Wed by Kez Kissing Tips 👄👄👄 In Year 8 in the middle of a school music concert I played my first round of serious spin the bottle.🍾🍾🍾 I remember being horrified when Ivan Butcher accused me of trying to “swallow his nose” after we had kissed In all fairness, I really didn’t know what I was doing and only had episodes of Degrassi Junior High to go on. Don’t be me on your wedding day. Here are the few pointers I give my couples when it comes to the suck face time of the actual ceremony. 1) Peck kisses are boring. You peck your Nan, not your lifelong partner. They also look terrible in photos -either giving you duck lips or squash face. No pecks!🦆 2) Count til at least 5 while kissing. Your photographer will love you for the chance to get more than 1 shot, so hang there for

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What name do you use to sign your marriage certificate?

So you’ve done some paperwork and said some words, nice ones maybe, legal ones definitely and now you’re sitting down after your wedding ceremony ready to sign your new name on your marriage certificate.. BZZZZZ! I’m afraid that is not the case, and its something that a lot of people get confused about when it comes to get married. Really, its quite simple. On the actual day of your ceremony, you sign all three documents with the same name/signature that you used in all the pre-ceremony paperwork that you completed. So if your name was Mr John Smith and you were planning to take your partner’s name after marriage – you would still sign the marriage certificate as Mr John Smith. After you are married – if you plan to take your partners name, it’s take a little bit of effort and a bit of running around. Straight up, no

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This is not the most important day of your life

...but it could be the most fun. I know it's hard to believe right now, in the middle of all your planning for your special day, that is ONE day is not actually going to be the biggest or most important of your life. But I'm going to tell you some hard, true facts - that in the end might actually help you have a more amazing time on your wedding day. If you are putting all your energy into having a “perfect” day you are wasting your time, and most certainly not going to enjoy yourself. I’ve seen it happen. Couples fretting over flower arrangements that aren’t perfectly centered or a random strand of hair bringing girls to tears because it just won’t do as its told (or sprayed!) In truth, as celebrant who as performed over 600 ceremonies, I can speak with some authority. The most fun, most

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