12th June 2019 Kez

How to pick a good celebrant

Ask around. Someone will know someone who had or knows a celebrant. But make sure you ask for an opinion from the person making the recommendation. Were you at the wedding? What was the reaction from the guests? If they were the couple getting married what were they like to worth with? Did they answer emails promptly, were they nice, did they listen to what you wanted?

Google / facebook and insta stalk BUT look at the reviews/recommendations. Are people using words like “amazing celebrant”, “best day ever”, “perfect ceremony” or are they just so so (or even negative reviews).

Shop around. Look at a lot of websites. Read whats on them. You’ll get a vibe for what type of celebrant they are and if you might be interested in meeting with them.

Phone or skype them. It’s a great first step into decided whether or not your want to do a face to face. Have a quick 5 on the phone and if the vibe is good you might want to…

Meet face to face. If you’re not in love with them after all the of the above, chances are you are not going to be in love after meeting with them BUT if you are 99.9% of the way there or choosing between your top two a face to face chat can help you make the decision that’s right for you.

At the moment, there are over 9,000 celebrants in Australia. Every one of them has something to offer, a price they charge, and a way they do things. If what they do, matches what you want, then you have found your perfect celebrant! Book ‘em Danno!

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