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Your Marriage Certificate

One of things I always have to explain to couples if the difference between the certificate you get on your wedding day, and the one you apply for from Births, Deaths and Marriages after your big day.

Wait” you’re thinking “We get two marriage certificates?!” Totally confusing I know but here is what you get and how it all works.

On the day of your wedding, you will sign what we celebrants called Form 15. It looks like this:

Officially the Form 15 certificate of marriage is the certificate the authorised celebrant must issue to the parties. It is evidence that a couple is married and hence that their legal status has changed.

It has security features built in during the printing stage, a unique identifying number on the back and cannot be replaced if lost.

It IS an important document, and should be kept in a safe place [your filing cabinet with your year 12 report card and year 1 certificate of effort is a good spot!]

So, why do I need the BDM Marriage Certificate?

The official certificate from NSW Births Deaths and Marriages is required by certain government departments, like the Passport office, and also Road Traffic Authority.

This certificate contains the same information as given on the Notice of Intended Marriage but with an all important registration number in the top right hand corner.

So if you’re changing your name or needing to show proof of your marriage you most likely will need to show the BDM certificate. Why? Because it shows that not only are you married but that your marriage is registered.

So Kez, why don’t you provide the BDM Marriage Certificate as part of your packages..?

Simple. Lets say I have sent off the form with my other paperwork but Bride and Groom are taking 2 weeks to honeymoon in Vanuatu. During their time away the certificate arrives in the post, and then gets sent back as no one was around to collect it. Or gets collected by Mum/friend/housemate who then happens to lose it around the house. Or gets destroyed by some rough weather .. or eaten by a stray dog. Or stolen.. see what I mean?

So my advice has always been after the honeymoon when you know you are going to be around to collect mail, or pop into the post office for registered mail, send off your application form and wait by the mail box.

That way, instead of chasing me if there has been a problem, you can go direct to the source.

But I’m always, always happy to help a couple fill out of the form correctly. In fact, expect a future blog which will explain exactly how to do that!


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