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How to kiss on your wedding day

Wed by Kez Kissing Tips 👄👄👄

In Year 8 in the middle of a school music concert I played my first round of serious spin the bottle.🍾🍾🍾

I remember being horrified when Ivan Butcher accused me of trying to “swallow his nose” after we had kissed

In all fairness, I really didn’t know what I was doing and only had episodes of Degrassi Junior High to go on.

Don’t be me on your wedding day.

Here are the few pointers I give my couples when it comes to the suck face time of the actual ceremony.

1) Peck kisses are boring. You peck your Nan, not your lifelong partner. They also look terrible in photos -either giving you duck lips or squash face. No pecks!🦆

2) Count til at least 5 while kissing. Your photographer will love you for the chance to get more than 1 shot, so hang there for a while.⏲️

3) Practise. The night before give it s dress rehearsal (when you’re on your own – not in front of people, that would be weird) Find a dark corner and try a few things until you both agree on what’s going to happen the next day.

Now the don’ts:
No surprises. None. This is one moment where you both need to know what’s going on.

No dips or lifts unless your seriously practice. I mean it, you do not want to end up on a viral youtube video (or maybe you do??!!)

No pornography. Keep the super passionate ass grabbing and tongue licking until the hotel room (If it happens at all, chances are you are going to be waaay to tired for any funny businesses)

Above all Make your kiss count. It IS your first kiss as a married couple. You want your guests to be a little “oooooeeeeoooo” because there’s some heat in that moment.


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