5th September 2016 Kez

Wed By Kez – Ninja Celebrant

You may not know this about me, but I am a ninja!

Not in the wikipedia sense of the word, save for one beautiful similarity. When it comes to wedding photography I am no where to be seen.

And thats the way, ah huh ah huh, I like it.

Too often at wedding ceremonies there is the Celebrant smack bang in the middle of the couple, and right at the heart of every photo their photographer will take. Sure photographer got skills, but shooting around a big melon like mine* ain’t easy!

So how do I avoid the lens?


Rare Kez Photo taken by Popcorn Photography

Well sometimes, I can’t!. Especially when the couple have to do their vows or say something. However, for the majority of the ceremony I stand off to the side and slightly in front of the couple. I do this for ¬†two reasons:

  1. The photographer can frame me out of any photos easily enough
  2. If the couple getting married are looking my way, they are actually facing their guests and everyone gets to see the tears, laughs and love!

So there you have it. Now you see me, now you don’t! Book Ninja Kez for your ceremony!





*It is true I have a big head. At 61cm I am well above the average human and destined to never wear dainty lady hats!

Wed By Kez

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