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Emma and Jake 6 January 2018

Emma and Jake educate and inspire each other.
Their ceremony on the grounds of the Manor House at Kirkton Park Hotel Hunter Valley​ was a hot one… but still fun and enjoyable. Congrats to my first “married” couple of 2018.

🏠 Venue: Kirkton Park Hotel Hunter Valley
📸 Photographer: JPannowitz Photography
💍 Celebrant: Wed By Kez


Ten Ways to Impress Your Celebrant

1. Be in ? – nothing gets a celebrant’s creative juices flowing like a couple who openly and honestly dig each other to the max.

2. Be inspiring ?– do some research, have some ideas to bring to the table, or better yet have a list of things you DON’T want too. This will help steer your celebrant as to how to best write your ceremony.

3. Be honest – Don’t say you like something they have written if you don’t. You don’t have to yell “THAT’S THE WORST PILE OF ? I’VE EVER READ!” but telling your celebrant “We’re not really happy with… blah” will again help them make the right changes so you get a ceremony you love.

4. Be yourselves – Talk about what drives you, what you are passionate about, what you do on the weekends, who you are as individuals and why you work as a couple. Those creative juices that were previously flowing will now be gushing like a teen at a Bieber concert. ??

5. Be willing to bend your budget. ? Some great celebrants don’t charge a lot. Some great celebrants charge more. If you have found the celebrant of your dreams then be prepared to pay what they ask.

6. Be aware that you may not be the only wedding a celebrant performs on that day. Keep your celebrant updated with your schedule ?? and tell them immediately if any of your details change.

7. Be flexible. A lot can be done over skype/facetime/phone and email. ?️? Face to face meetings are great but not always possible , you know celebrants have a personal life too.

8. Be open to suggestions and ideas. ? An experience celebrant has a lot to offer in terms of advice and nifty ideas, and not just to do with the ceremony but across the day.

9. Be trusting. You’ve hired the right celebrant – on the day have faith that they will do brilliantly for you.? They will. So why stress about it?

10. Be thankful – leave great feedback, tell your friends. Nothing warms a celebrants heart more than feeling they have given their all to a couple and it has been appreciated.???

Image Source Ben Howland

I’ll be a b*tch for you

See this?

Rina and Lucas captured by Barefott & Bearded

This takes a whole of this…

Kez being a bossy b*tch. Image source: Barefoot and Bearded

And that’s me. Being a b*tch. But in a nice way.

Directly after the ceremony I don’t let your guests get wander around like a bunch of lost sheep.
No when you tell me you want an awesome group shot, or all the confetti/rose petals feels I make it my mission to get THAT photo. And to make it take less than 5 minutes.

We’ve all been to weddings where the after photos take ages because Uncle Mick went to the loo, no one can find Nanna and there are about 1,000,000 cousins who can’t get their sh*t together. Having a group shot has become a DON’T DO IT thing for that reason. But if you want a group shot – you should have it! And it should only take a few minutes to organise


You have a Kez. A celebrant who is prepared to help, loud and bossy enough to get it done.

April Werz (Photographer Extraordinaire) called me Mrs Whiplash. Funnily enough that’s my other job (*WINK*) because I don’t put up with any nonsense in that crucial time post ceremony – pre reception.

I’ll let Hannah and Dave, one of my couples tell their story

Kez was able to make our whole ceremony and transition into photos super easy!

She sternly but with a big smile warned my uncle that if he didn’t put away his camera for our unplugged ceremony that she simply wouldn’t start marrying us!

We’d made it clear to her that we didn’t want photos of our guests with a camera or phone in front of their faces and she made sure this was upheld throughout the ceremony!
We’d also discussed getting a big group shot straight after the ceremony and she very quickly ushered everyone into line for us so we could get the photo done for everyone to then go and enjoy canapés and drinks.
I’ve been to many other weddings where the group photo simply doesn’t happen or takes up 30 minutes trying to get everyone organised. Kez made it super easy and quick for us!”

In short, its not just in the ceremony where you’re choice of celebrant makes a big difference.
Let’s chat shall we and make your marriage experience amazing!

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